Pot Holes and How Wheel Alignment Helps

Pot Holes and How Wheel Alignment Helps

Winter time often brings with it pot holes. Even with the mild winter we’ve had this year, the rapid change in temperatures can cause those nasty holes to open in the road and cause wheel and rim damage to your car. We all hit pot holes and we know we don’t like them and often do our best to avoid them. Even if you don’t have the worst case scenario happen, a flat tire that needs repair or bent rim, those pot holes can cause excessive wear and tear for your tires and even effect wheel alignment.

Damaged tires, bent rims, wheel alignment is not something you can always feel so getting your tires and wheel alignment inspected is just smart and takes very little time. It can save you from bigger issues down the road.


The most common and recognizable effects of wheels that need alignment are a shaky steering wheel or pulling to one side or another. But the less known effects are the long-terms effects to your steering system and tires. They include uneven wear and tear, more aggressive and early degradation of your shock absorbers and reduced gas mileage. At high speeds, a shimmy in your steering wheel causes dangerous and unsafe instability that can have serious consequences, especially in bad weather.


Since 1983, we’ve been working with all the latest technology in wheel alignment and tire repair for customers in Commack, Greenlawn, Northport, East Northport, Huntington, Elwood and all of Nassau and Suffolk County. We provide complete diagnostic and professional repair services for tires, rims,  chassis, shock absorbers and steering issues and stand by all the work we perform. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with complete auto care and ensure a safe, dependable and responsible service for your vehicle. You drive away with the confidence all work was done completely, professionally and in a safe automobile. Stop by Klis Brothers North Shore Firestone soon, especially once spring begins and the roads have been repaired. Call us today at (631) 462-6677 or (631) 462-6678 or email us service@klisbrothers.com

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